Events & Services

In Essentials, Unity;

 In Nonessentials, Liberty;

 In All Things, Love.


Our faith is relationship — relationship with Jesus Christ.


Sunday Worship, February 18th 10:15AM. Worship is cancelled due to snow storm.

Sunday Worship, February 25th 10:15AM. Message:“The Love That Never Falters”

Sunday Worship, March 4th 10:15AM. Message:“Instruments of Our Savior’s Love”

Sunday Worship, March 11th 10:15AM. Message:“Our Lord Is Thirsty! Give Him a Drink!”

Sunday Worship, March 18th 10:15AM. Message:“A Disturbing Question”

Sunday Worship, Palm Sunday, March 25th 10:15AM. Message: “An Ending That Doesn’t End”

Sunday Worship, Easter           April 1st 10:15AM. Message:“The Word of Trust and Triumph”